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Top-100 Class Stats

Assault Assault Assault Top-100
Anti-Tank Anti-Tank Anti-Tank Top-100
Engineer Engineer Engineer Top-100
Medic Medic Medic Top-100
Sniper Sniper Sniper Top-100
Specops Specops Specops Top-100
Support Support Support Top-100

Top-100 Vehicle Specialists

M1A2 Top-100 M1A2 Battle Tank Specialists
LAV-25 Top-100 LAV-25 APC Specialists
F-35 Top-100 F-35 Specialists
AH-1Z Top-100 AH-1Z Specialists
UH-60 Top-100 UH-60 Blackhawk Specialists
HMMWV Top-100 HMMWV Specialists
DPVTop-100 Desert Patrol Vehicle Specialists
T-90 Top-100 T-90 MBT Specialists
btr-90 Top-100 btr-90 Specialists
MIG 29 Top-100 MIG 29 Specialists
SU-34 Top-100 SU-34 Flanker Specialists
mi 28 Top-100 Mi-28 Specialists
Vodnic Top-100 Vodnic Specialists
Fav Top-100 FAV Specialists

Top-100 Weapon Specialists

Knife Top-100 Knife Specialists
Pistole Top-100 Pistol Specialists
Defend Front Top-100 Defence Front Specialists
Stinger Top-100 Stinger Specialists
Igla Top-100 Igla Specialists

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