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MultiDat Gaming - Server Rules

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1. No intentional Teamkilling.

2. No Blocking / Destroying of Team Vehicles.

3. No Cheating: a) Cheating by making use of exploits (e.g. Glitching).
 b) Cheating by making use of Hack-Software (e.g. Aimbot).
 c) Cheating by "Stats-Padding".
4. No Disturbing/Spamming: a) By commander (Yes/No-Commands or Microphone).
 b) By continuous text in capital letters.
 c) By misuse of the Kick-Vote function.

5. No Insulting.

6. No "Seatswitching" in a combat helicopter: It's not allowed to use the TV alone.

7. Create always fair Teams.

8. No permanent intentionally ramming of slow vehicles with fast air vehicles (e.g. jet vs. helicopter).

Disregard of these Rules can result in a Kick, Roundban or Permban. It depends on the situation.

You can use the forum to report rule violations.



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